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Django Unchained

I just discovered they put Django on Netflix. Shit I guess it’s another sleepless night. Comfy under the blanket watching asshole racists from the south blow up under gunfire. I cannot believe how much I enjoy this movie, it is so cathartic, it is absolute mental masturbation on repeat. The entire movie all I do is clench my fists in anger and punch my palms in excitement wishing I could embody the doctor.

Now I am by no stretch of the imagination a violent person but how can I do anything but cheer when these evil, spawns of the confederate Satan erupt like fireworks and splatter blood across their segregated white walls wailing in pain- it is the most amazing orgasmic sound in cinema. Tarrantino knows what the consumer wants, vengeance, a way to escape from the world where rules actually apply and he serves us a warm bowl of vindication.

Why I love movies, there are no consequences for my emotions as I watch a film play on the silver screen. I am able to enjoy my revenge and have no accountability.

So long Candy Land, you fucking fucks are fucking done! Django came to town with the doctor!

Insanity Day 1 and 2

I have always been an elliptical kind of guy. I like working at a slow pace and enjoying my favorite tv show. It has been enough to maintain but even though I am not obese I still want more. How can I be the best person I want to be if I don’t even have the body I want? I know there are a lot of body positivity campaigns out there telling you to be happy the way you are and while I think that’s great I also don’t want that to apply to me- I want to be better, I always want to be better.

So I tried Insanity and drenched the hard wood floor in sweat- Did I mention that was just the warm up? It was a blast and they gave a lot of time in between the workouts to recover (again the warm up) but it definitely made me worry about what’s to come.

Day 2- My first real day of working out. Let’s forget the part where I have had 2 consecutive terrible days and decided to take it out on my body by pounding one dominos order after the next. I felt a brick in my stomach the entire time I was doing the cardio intensive workouts but I kept pushing through because Shaun kept telling me to. It was not the best workout of my life but I still turned that yoga studio into a pond as I drenched it with more sweat than I thought I was capable of producing.

I am really excited for day 3 tomorrow so I can kick Insanity’s ass on an empty stomach!

Value Life

It’s becoming more clear that corrupt and bigoted, big brother inspired law enforcement shoot to kill their targets in self defense. Let me clarify; this is not the self defense where you’re backed against a wall facing a gang of three thugs and grab whatever you can before coming out swinging because there is nothing left to lose. Officers are practicing a self-defense that protects their future. When they shoot to kill, their chances of acquittal improve.

Dead bodies can’t testify in court. John Crawford will not speak out against Sean Williams, and Darren Wilson does not need to worry about Mike Brown contradicting his story.

Lately it has begun to feel like open season. While twitter is blowing up over one tragedy, CNN is covering another. I hear a debate about Mike Brown while listening to a report on Darrien Hunt.

What really makes me sick is when I see paraphernalia reading “We are Darren Wilson.” Let’s dissect this for a moment shall we? Firstly, this is a direct allusion to popular protests used to raise awareness of atrocities seen across the world; most recently there was a movement of We Are All Palestinians, which protested the death of innocent Civilians in the Gaza strip. So if you’re going for an ethos argument comparing a free and safe Officer Wilson with what some consider to be genocide you will have trouble finding any support outside of your white suburban community. What are you trying to get out of this? Are you trying to say that he is being unfairly judged? How is he being mistreated? He committed murder and has not even been arrested. Are you mad that the world assumes there is something suspicious about his actions? It’s tough to not be skeptical when the absolute, non-negotiable, cold hard facts are an armed police Officer shot an unarmed teenager multiple times (I am not using an exact number because even though the autopsy revealed this detail some how people are still debating this fact). What does it say about your argument supporting Wilson when one of the most echoed and repeated chants is “what about black on black crime?” One of the most consistent defenses is not even defending Wilsons’ actions. It’s basically saying if black on black crime exists at such a high rate, why does it matter if one white police officer kills one black teenager.

No one disagrees with you. Black on Black crime is a serious issue and it is being addressed. But the fact that it is used as a justification of murder does show one enormous flaw in our supposed post racial United States and that is the value of an African American’s life appears to be less than the value of other ethnicities. We have become desensitized to these horrors and add of statistics only to throw them around at each other like a political poker match.

How can we address these issues? For starters we need to tackle problems head on. That means during debates, and fights, we don’t ask about something else in order to deflect the guilt. We need to fight these issues, even if it means a slow and steady attack, taking out one fight at a time.

Things need to change. We are walking across broken glass in a white suit and expected to show up to court without a bloodstain. It does not matter if we are starting a revolution or an evolution, all that matters is that we are moving forward. We need to start valuing every life.

Brain Rapp New Music

Holy Shit Brain Rapp killed this track! Great video, great flow, great lyrics, great artist, GREAT GREAT GREAT

Earl of Plaid

I will be writing a review on the Earl of Plaid’s second Edition “Court Jester” very shortly.

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Marsden Mars

If you want that West Coast flavor to spike your afternoon then look no further than the name Marsden Mars

East Coast

Should I think about moving to the East Coast? Most of the music scene I listen to and interview are east coast.

Earl of Plaid

Flash Fiction Journal “Earl of Plaid” will be releasing its second issue “Court Jester” on October 1st!

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If you haven’t heard this track yet you are missing out: